Selected Publications


HuR and miR-1192 regulate myogenesis by modulating the translation of HMGB1 mRNA.
Dormoy-Raclet V, Cammas A, Celona B, Lian XJ, van der Giessen K, Zivojnovic M, Brunelli S, Riuzzi F, Sorci G, Wilhelm BT, Marco SD, Donato R, Bianchi ME, Gallouzi IE
Nat Commun 2013-09-04;4:2388.

Harnessing virtual machines to simplify next-generation DNA sequencing analysis.
Nocq J, Celton M, Gendron P, Lemieux S, Wilhelm BT
Bioinformatics 2013-09-01;29(17):2075-83.

RNAi screen identifies Jarid1b as a major regulator of mouse HSC activity.
Cellot S, Hope KJ, Chagraoui J, Sauvageau M, Deneault E, Macrae T, Mayotte N, Wilhelm BT, Landry JR, Ting SB, Krosl J, Humphries K, Thompson A, Sauvageau G
Blood 2013-08-29;122(9):1545-55.

Identification of non-cell-autonomous networks from engineered feeder cells that enhance murine hematopoietic stem cell activity.
Deneault E, Wilhelm BT, Bergeron A, Barabé F, Sauvageau G
Exp. Hematol. 2013-05-01;41(5):470-478.e4.

The TGF-β-Smad3 pathway inhibits CD28-dependent cell growth and proliferation of CD4 T cells.
Delisle JS, Giroux M, Boucher G, Landry JR, Hardy MP, Lemieux S, Jones RG, Wilhelm BT, Perreault C
Genes Immun. 2013-03-01;14(2):115-26.


Impaired natural killer cell self-education and "missing-self" responses in Ly49-deficient mice.
Bélanger S, Tu MM, Rahim MM, Mahmoud AB, Patel R, Tai LH, Troke AD, Wilhelm BT, Landry JR, Zhu Q, Tung KS, Raulet DH, Makrigiannis AP
Blood 2012-07-19;120(3):592-602.

Alternative splicing controlled by heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein L regulates development, proliferation, and migration of thymic pre-T cells.
Gaudreau MC, Heyd F, Bastien R, Wilhelm B, Möröy T
J. Immunol. 2012-06-01;188(11):5377-88.

A role for GPx3 in activity of normal and leukemia stem cells.
Herault O, Hope KJ, Deneault E, Mayotte N, Chagraoui J, Wilhelm BT, Cellot S, Sauvageau M, Andrade-Navarro MA, Hébert J, Sauvageau G
J. Exp. Med. 2012-05-07;209(5):895-901.

A key role for EZH2 and associated genes in mouse and human adult T-cell acute leukemia.
Simon C, Chagraoui J, Krosl J, Gendron P, Wilhelm B, Lemieux S, Boucher G, Chagnon P, Drouin S, Lambert R, Rondeau C, Bilodeau A, Lavallée S, Sauvageau M, Hébert J, Sauvageau G
Genes Dev. 2012-04-01;26(7):651-6.


C-terminal domain of MEIS1 converts PKNOX1 (PREP1) into a HOXA9-collaborating oncoprotein.
Bisaillon R, Wilhelm BT, Krosl J, Sauvageau G
Blood 2011-10-27;118(17):4682-9.

RNA-seq analysis of 2 closely related leukemia clones that differ in their self-renewal capacity.
Wilhelm BT, Briau M, Austin P, Faubert A, Boucher G, Chagnon P, Hope K, Girard S, Mayotte N, Landry JR, Hébert J, Sauvageau G
Blood 2011-01-13;117(2):e27-38.

Differential patterns of intronic and exonic DNA regions with respect to RNA polymerase II occupancy, nucleosome density and H3K36me3 marking in fission yeast.
Wilhelm BT, Marguerat S, Aligianni S, Codlin S, Watt S, Bähler J
Genome Biol. 2011-01-01;12(8):R82.


A mutant allele of the Swi/Snf member BAF250a determines the pool size of fetal liver hemopoietic stem cell populations.
Krosl J, Mamo A, Chagraoui J, Wilhelm BT, Girard S, Louis I, Lessard J, Perreault C, Sauvageau G
Blood 2010-09-09;116(10):1678-84.

Defining transcribed regions using RNA-seq.
Wilhelm BT, Marguerat S, Goodhead I, Bähler J
Nat Protoc 2010-02-01;5(2):255-66.


The Schizosaccharomyces pombe JmjC-protein, Msc1, prevents H2A.Z localization in centromeric and subtelomeric chromatin domains.
Buchanan L, Durand-Dubief M, Roguev A, Sakalar C, Wilhelm B, Strålfors A, Shevchenko A, Aasland R, Shevchenko A, Ekwall K, Francis Stewart A
PLoS Genet. 2009-11-01;5(11):e1000726.

The fission yeast homeodomain protein Yox1p binds to MBF and confines MBF-dependent cell-cycle transcription to G1-S via negative feedback.
Aligianni S, Lackner DH, Klier S, Rustici G, Wilhelm BT, Marguerat S, Codlin S, Brazma A, de Bruin RA, Bähler J
PLoS Genet. 2009-08-01;5(8):e1000626.

RNA-Seq-quantitative measurement of expression through massively parallel RNA-sequencing.
Wilhelm BT, Landry JR
Methods 2009-07-01;48(3):249-57.


Next-generation sequencing: applications beyond genomes.
Marguerat S, Wilhelm BT, Bähler J
Biochem. Soc. Trans. 2008-10-01;36(Pt 5):1091-6.

Dynamic repertoire of a eukaryotic transcriptome surveyed at single-nucleotide resolution.
Wilhelm BT, Marguerat S, Watt S, Schubert F, Wood V, Goodhead I, Penkett CJ, Rogers J, Bähler J
Nature 2008-06-26;453(7199):1239-43.


Genome-wide dynamics of SAPHIRE, an essential complex for gene activation and chromatin boundaries.
Gordon M, Holt DG, Panigrahi A, Wilhelm BT, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Bähler J, Cairns BR
Mol. Cell. Biol. 2007-06-01;27(11):4058-69.

Shaken not stirred: a global research cocktail served in Hinxton.
Marguerat S, Wilhelm BT, Bähler J
Genome Biol. 2007-01-01;8(11):320.